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About FCN x JKA

FCN x JKA: “Imagine the possibilities”

We launch a collaboration with the Danish football club FC Nordsjælland together with their top partner DHL. With the collaboration we get their used and discarded textile materials and give it new life. We really appreciate an organisation like FCN is willing to take the necessary steps with us towards a greener future.

“Every year, the average European uses about 26 kilos of textiles, but at the same time discards about 11 kilos of them. And it is precisely the mass consumption from consumers and the overproduction from companies that we would like to do away with,” says Jun Kjøller Andersen and elaborates on JKA’s vision and model:

“Instead, we want to spread a more circular mindset in the industry, where pre-existing resources should be perceived as valuable instead of useless. Both for consumers and for brands”

“Our model is actually quite simple. We get discarded clothes that have already been used or have in other ways done their duties. We re-design it, and create a new and different product. In this way, we can offer unique 1-of-1 products, as it is the discarded material that determines the design. That’s new life to old clothes.”


Jun Kjøller Andersen, founder of JKA Customs, comments on the collaboration:

“For a long time, we’ve wanted to enter the world of football, as this is where the whole journey started for many of us in the team.

When the opportunity to partner with FCN arose, it was a no-brainer for us. We strive to be more than just a clothing brand. We want to challenge many of the unhealthy aspects of the fashion industry and inspire consumers to a more circular mindset.

And in the same way, we believe that FCN is also more than just a football club. They have many strong values, and believe in many of the same things as us, making this collaboration a perfect match.

Therefore, we also hope that together we can create more than “just” a lot of unique pieces for FCN’s fans and our followers. We believe that together we can contribute to the conversation about a healthier and more sustainable future.”


Trine Hesselund Hopp Møller, CO-CEO at FCN:

“We are very happy that with the collaboration we can be part of a non-football journey with a former academy player. It is a pleasure to support a local talent and his creative mind in the pursuit of his dream of a more sustainable future.

We are well aware that such a collaboration alone does not make FC Nordsjælland a sustainable or green organization. But we believe that as an organization you must constantly try to develop, learn and contribute to the conversation.

It is about believing in change and a brighter future. As JKA itself says: We are not aiming for perfection. We are aiming for change. In order to do that, we have to try.

At the same time, it is gratifying that with the sale we can give something back to the local community. We want to support initiatives that can help give children and young people in Furesø some good experiences on top of the long lockdown, and now we have the opportunity.”


Susanne Kristensen, Marketing Manager at DHL

"Sustainability is here to stay. For many, living sustainably is mostly about eating habits and modes of transport, but we must also focus on the clothes we wear. The decisions we make today are crucial to how our children are going to live in 30 years. Fashion, logistics and sustainability will therefore be three things that will continue to go hand in hand in the future.

JKA Customs has customers both locally and internationally - and with DHL's global fashion experience, the world is open.

To complete it all, the packages must of course be sent climate-neutral with GoGreen going forward. We believe that this is the start of something bigger, and we look forward to working with you."