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About us


JKA is a creative movement and a storytelling brand that was founded in 2014 by Jun Kjøller Andersen. JKA is a Copenhagen based brand with a vision of creating for a greener future.
JKA is a never ending process of testing, trying, evolving & learning. 
Our mission is to speak through our creations, collections and projects. We want to inspire and motivate our consumers to challenge their inner creative soul and begin to re-work from their own wardrobe. 
We are not aiming for perfection, we're aiming for change. In order to do that, we have to try. We're on this journey together. A journey where we try to create for a better world. 
World In Motion is collections based on cities we choose to visit and buy second-hand clothing from. We then give every piece new life by creating it to a new product. Each product is re-designed by us and is a unique 1/1 product.
Previous collections: 
World In Motion 2.0 Berlin
World In Motion 3.0 Copenhagen
World In Motion 4.0 Tokyo 
JKA Archive is "drop" based collections with the same purpose of taking vintage clothing or dead stock materials and give it new life. We buy vintage wholesale in different categories, re-work it and release it in small drops. 
Each product is re-worked by us and is a 1/1 product.
Previous drops: 
JKA Archive - Summer mix
JKA Archive - T-shirts 
JKA Archive - Vests
JKA Archive - Cargo pants 
JKA Archive - Vest jackets